Assignment with no scheduled time returned from SuccessWare21

An assignment is "unscheduled" from the call board in SuccessWare21, but it remains scheduled for that day with no scheduled time. This causes SuccessWare21 to send a technician a "broken" assignment via SWRemote.

If this is a new job, please add a scheduled time and then have the tap the Refresh button on the My Jobs screen.  If this is an old job or duplicate job, please follow these instructions inside of SuccessWare21:

  1. Locate the job in which is still displaying by performing either a job # search, or a last name search in SuccessWare21
  2. Open the customer, and double-click Open Jobs
  3. Under the Service History grid on the bottom-left, choose the assignment with today's date and double-click on it
  4. Right-click on the technician on the bottom-right, and choose Remove Assignment from the menu options
  5. Click Save
  6. Have the technician tap the Refresh button on the My Jobs screen

The correct job should then be displayed.

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