Error Message - Cannot lock timecard, username does not match an existing employee code

Reason why error occurs
*If this Tech has logged in successfully in the past, please go to the bottom of this document.

A Tech will receive this error when the username they are typing in does not match a their employee code (in the employee manager) exactly.

Brand new employee:

1.  Log in to SuccessWare21 with admin privileges

2.  Click on the 21 icon

3.  Click Set Up

4.  Click on Employee Manager

5.  Find the Appropriate tech inside there and Right Click on him

6.  Select SuccessWare21 User

7.  Do not change the UserName, or this error will occur again.

8. Choose the proper user group from the User Group drop-down

9.  Click Save

10.  Click on the "Reset Password..." to generate a new password

11.  Close 

Note: You may now have 2 Users for an employee, you will want to deactivate the incorrect User (inside the User Manager), as it will not be able to login to SWRemote and can cause confusion in the future.


Existing employee

This can also come up for a number of reasons:

User Name  - You may be using the wrong Username.  
Common occurrences are: including the password with the username, using an email or a full name as opposed to a Username.  If you have access to the logs

Tutorial Mode - This is turned on, and the Checkbox is bolded.

 - If you have multiple companies and are attempting to log into the incorrect company in the Dropdown.


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