How does Step 6 - the 'Debrief' step appear in SuccessWare21? (Non-Tabbed version)

Below is a blank Job Summary screen which can be reached by pressing Control + Z on a job.

This corresponds to the following screen from inside SWRemote:

Now we will show you several examples of corresponding categories between SuccessWare21's job summary screen and SWRemote's Debrief Job screen

Example 1 SWRemote:

Example 1 SuccessWare21:

Example 2 SWRemote:

Example 2 SuccessWare21:

The Agreement Opportunity Checkbox will only be checked if this customer does Not have an agreement.

If the customer does have an agreement, then the box is unchecked.

Selling Agreements: 

Nothing on the Debrief screen in SWRemote will indicate that an Agreement was sold. However, if an Agreement is added onto the Invoice in SWRemote then in the Job Summary screen inside of SuccessWare21, the "Agr Sold" box will be checked.


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