How to restart the http service administrator

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be on the server station and cannot do this from a regular office computer.

  1.  Login to SuccessWare21:  Right click on the SuccessWare21 icon and select run as Administrator

2.  Select the small 21 icon in the top left-hand corner.
3.  Click Setup.

4.  Click Utilities.

5.  Select Administrative Tools and press Run Utility (or double click Administrative Tools).

6.  Select Http Service Administrator and press Run Utility (or double click Http Service Administrator).

7.  If the status is displayed as "Running," press the Stop button to stop the connection

8.  Reconnect by pressing the Start button.  If the status is not running, press the Start button.  (If this succeeds, skip to the bullet point at the bottom to test the connection between servers)

Part 2

If the service fails to start (either when clicking Stop, it says 'Stop Pending' or it just won't start) do the following:

A.  Right click on the task bar on the server.

B.  Select Task Manager and go to the Processes tab.

C.  Find and select swhttpServ.exe from the list.

D.  Press the End Process button to terminate the program.

E.  Go back into the Http service administrator and press the start button.

  • Log into the SWRemote admin site and navigate to Master Accounts -> scroll down below Payflow Settings -> press the Test Connection button.  If the button turns Green, the devices should be functional.  If it returns with any error message, please call the SWRemote support team at 1-800-566-6940 for assistance.  
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