How can I see an Accounts Receivable balance on a customer before the Payment Screen?

There are two ways you can find the Accounts Receivable balance for a customer before reaching the Payment Screen. 

The first one can be found by the following steps if you have the appropriate permissions from your office. (listed as RemoteTechOnCall or equivalent permissions.)

  •  Select Customer Search from the Menu on the left and Search for the customer in question
  • Scroll down to the Account information.
  • The Payment Information box will show you what the accounts receivable balance is on the customer.

The second method can be used if you are on the call for this location.

  • Tap the Customer button  from the Menu on the left, below Assignment
  • Scroll down to the Account information section
  • The Payment Information box will show you what Accounts Receivable balance is on the customer.


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