What is the workaround to take two different types of payments in SWRemote?

Currently, SWRemote will only let you take one form of payment for each assignment.  In the situation the technician has more than one payment from the customer, the tech should enter the first form of payment in Step 6, Pay, and then let the office know about the second payment in the Notes section.  Example listed below:

*Example* - The invoice total is $1000 and the customer wants to give $500 in cash, and $500 on their credit card.  

1.  Choose the Payment Type as Credit Card and fill out the credit card information or swipe the card.

2.  Tap on the Payment Amount field and change the Payment Amount to $500.


3.  Next Tap the Notes button, located in the Menu (left hand side) and type a brief note in either the Work Done or Work Suggested area letting the office know they have $500 in cash/check.  The office can apply the cash/check payment in the Office.

4.  Click the Back button when done.


5.  confirm that the Credit Card amount is correct.

6.  Click the Right arrow to advance to the signature screen


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