How does Remote Control work?

“Remote Control is a daily setting, it only ever applies to the current date. There’s only two ways a tech loses Remote Control:

  1. Inside SuccessWare21, the technician’s time card is opened and the ‘Remote Control’ checkbox is unchecked;
  2. The clock strikes Midnight, therefore it’s a new day, and Remote Control has never been enabled for this date.” 

However, if a Tech is already Onsite on a job when the clock strikes midnight, as long as they don’t do a Timecard punch, they’ll be fine because you don’t need remote control to Complete a job.


If a technician does not finish a job and they are still marked ONSITE, the job will be duplicated for the next morning (at 12am) and the remote control will be disabled and the tech will also have this job still active.

Scenarios and examples:
Non On-call techs: Log out at the end of the day, or when they receive the Remote Control error if they forgot to the night before.

On-call Techs: If they’re on a job at midnight, keep going. Once the Job is done, log out and back in real quick to set Remote Control for the new day. 

Not at a call, but still signed in after midnight? As soon as you need to start a job, log out and back in real quick to set Remote Control for the Day.

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