Can I Copy my Forms?

Yes, you can!


1. Log in to our Admin Website

2. Click on Customize Forms on the left hand side. 

3.  Press the Copy Form icon next to the form you want to copy.

4.  Two new buttons will appear, Paste Here and Clear Copy.  

5. Before you select the Paste Here button, you have the option to move the Form to another company if you have one and wish to do so.

6.  After pressing the Paste Here button, the success message will appear:

7.  Your Form will be copied to the bottom of your list and will have an added suffix of (1).

8.  You can now Rename the title or change any of the fields by pressing the Edit Form icon.

: If you have multiple Master Accounts and wish to copy a form from one SWRemote Admin login to another, please contact the SWRemote Support Team at 800-566-6940, or e-mail us at

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