How do I fill out a form in SWRemote?

Once you have forms created and published inside, have your technicians do a "Force Resync" on their device.

Technicians must be dispatched to a job to access custom forms. A new menu tab will be visible labeled "Applications." 

*Note: If only one form has been set up, the Application tab will take the Technician to that specific form. 


Once inside the Applications tab, a list of forms will be available. Select on their desired form to view and begin filling it out.


When a form has been filled out completely, be sure to tap  "Save" before, "Exit." Failure to do so will prevent the form from being saved.

Note: A Tech can navigate back and make changes to the form after tapping Save if necessary. The Tech must be within the same assignment to do so.

For information on where you can view the forms filled out by technicians click here.

For information on how you can view completed forms inside SWRemote click here.

For information on how to create custom forms click here.


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