Employee name not showing in dropdown to add job.

A technician reports that when doing a Customer Search and adding a job from their device, that the name of the technician does not show up in the Employee drop down menu. 

This happens when a new technician is added into SuccessWare21 and that information has not yet been transmitted to the SWRemote. Data can be pushed manually by following the steps below:


  • Click the Update button. (You may need to scroll down to locate.)


You will notice the Update button turn green indicated the update was complete. 


Note: Technicians must be notified after an update to Force Resync their device to pick up the changes made in SuccessWare21. This is done by accessing the Settings tab in the SWRemote app on their device.

Click on the following Links for more detailed/visual instructions for running an Update and a Force Resync.

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