How do I set up new users groups for Technicians in SuccessWare21?

Setting up User Groups - One Time Setup

The remote user groups required to log into SWRemote are not setup by default in SuccessWare21.  New users to SWRemote need to perform this one time task to create these groups.    

  • Log in to SuccessWare21 as an administrator
  • Login to SuccessWare21 as administrator, and select the Red 21 icon on the far left of the top toolbar 
  • Navigate to Setup -> User Manager. 
  • Right-click on an empty area and select User Groups .   
  • Click on the blue "Remote User Groups" link in the top-right hand corner of the window .    
  • Press YES.
  • Now when editing a user's record, you should now be able to see RemoteTech, RemoteTechOnCall, and RemoteTechManager on the User Group drop-down list
  • Close the User Manager

Permissions for each group are as follows:

  • RemoteTech: Has the basic abilities, can complete calls and send invoices.
  • RemoteTechOnCall: Has the basic abilities, and can add jobs directly from device.
  • RemoteTechManager: Has the basic abilities, plus can add jobs from device and view all users' schedules.

If changing usergroups for a Tech, have them go into settings, and select Force Logout. They should now see this change to take effect.


For more information on how to change a technician's usergroup, click here.


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