How do I add Parts that will not be charged to or seen by the customer?

Any items included in the Parts section will be added to the Requisition Document, only if the Technician is logged into a Truck. If they are not signed into a truck on the login screen, the requisition will not go through.


Upon Clicking the Parts button (which can be selected on the Payment and Debrief Job Screens, you will see the Tasks and Visits that are on your Invoice).

You will need to select one of the Tasks or Visits and then it will show you any Parts already attached to the Line Item. Here you will also be able to select Add or Scan to add additional Parts.  You can also remove a Part if it was not used by clicking the Red Circle with an X in the center of it. 

Tapping on that Parts button on either of those 2 screens will take you here. You will see the Parts section, and any relevant Tasks you added to your invoice will appear here.

Tapping on the relevant task you wish to add parts for will take you here:


Tapping the 'ADD' button will show this:


You can either enter the part number or press the 'Catalog' button, which is the same process for adding line items to the invoice.

If you press Catalog, you will either look for Parts or Misc items. Tapping on the relevant group will then allow you to pick your category. Once you 'drill down' enough and tap on the Part you'd like to use, you will then be able to choose the quantity of that part or the serial number. 


Pressing the SAVE button will add it to your Parts used list and you can add more parts as needed. If you're done, just tap the CLOSE button on the top  and you'll see this:

Once you back out of here and complete the job, the requisition will be sent through to the office.

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