Why are there punches labeled "NTC" in my technician's timecard?


My technician has some timecard punches labeled "NTC" - why is this? How do I prevent this from happening? 


An NTC punch stands for No Timecard Punch. This occurs when there is a gap of time between two punches in a technician's timecard and can happen naturally between punches occasionally if the timing works out. This is normal functionality.

If you are seeing a lot of NTCs and for long durations, you may wish to have your techs add additional timecard punches (such as Available: On the clock) to fill in the gaps.

 If you do not want NTC punches in the timecard, simply modify the timecard at the end of the day to have no gaps. 


Have the Techs get used to making a punch asap, when finishing a job.  Here are the instructions:
How to prevent ntc timecard punches


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