SWRemote 4.0.0 Release Notes

SWRemote got a long, overdue, facelift! 😄

As you can see, the entire SWRemote interface has been revamped and the colors now align with Pointman's other products.

Old  New

Bug Fixes 

  • The Parts screen now scrolls through all available tasks on an invoice
  • The Check Policy now scrolls
  • The Diagnostic Only check box will auto-check on the Debrief screen if the invoice contains only tasks which have been marked as diagnostics
  • Dropdown menus now work correctly on Android devices
  • When performing Schedule Searches, the Company Name is now displayed along with the rest of the customer and job information


  • The "Onsite" screen has been renamed to "Arrive" to alleviate confusion issues surrounding when you're actually marked as Onsite
  • Equipment can now be attached to invoice tasks!  Learn how HERE.
  • Navigation buttons have been added to the Customer Details screen, so you don't have to be on a job to see the location on a map
  • When charging line items to an Agreement, only Active agreements are displayed


🚨Last, but not least...🚨 

There is a new credit card processing option available! 🎉

WePay is our new credit card processing option which is separate from our current means of processing credit cards (PayFlow).  WePay is compatible with Bluetooth swipers which are also chip equipped!  If you're interested in learning more about WePay, call our team directly at 800-566-6940.

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