Why do we have to update to SWRemote version 3.11.0?

Pointman always works to improve the user experience for our customers.  One of the improvements we’ve made to the platform in the last few months is a feature called CodePush. CodePush allows our development team to push out updates directly to the app, rather than having to go through the AppStore/Google Play Store each and every time.  That means faster bug fixes and easier updates for you!

We have a number of users running outdated versions of SWRemote, and because of this, not all of the users are able to receive our very important pushed updates.

We've set a deadline of 9/17/2018 for all users to update to 3.11.0 through the app store.  If a user is not updated by then, they will be forced to update the app to the current version before they're able to login.

Those users on devices that cannot update to recent iOS/Android versions may not be able to see this update.  SWRemote requires updated operating systems on the devices that can support the latest app versions.  If you do not see the update available to you in the app store check to see if you have a software update available, or there is a chance your device may no longer be supported by SWRemote.  To view a list of SWRemote's support devices, click HERE (list located under App Requirements).


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