How to add a call in SuccessWare21

Adding a Call

Adding a call is a term that is used to identify adding additional appointments to a job. If a call that was scheduled for one day is not completed it can be continued to another day. Adding a Call has the effect of "copying" the call and allowing you to place that copy on another day in your schedule. When a Call is continued it DOES NOT create another invoice for the job. There is still one invoice associated with the main job that each of the calls are attached to.

1. Right-click on the call in the Call Center and select Add call.

The cascading menu will allow you to move the call to the next day at the Same time, AM, PM or Anytime or to choose Browse.

  • If you want to copy the call to a different day select Browse and the call will be moved to the Call Clipboard. While the call in on the Call Clipboard, you can navigate to a different date then drag the call to the time and desired technician.
  • If you want to copy the call to the next day, select Same Time this will put the call on the board at the same time as the current day and assign to the same technician. You will be warned if the technician has a conflict.
  • AM/PM/Anytime will copy the call to the next day as a date, but will not give it a time. It will be placed in the Call List on the right side of the Call Center where it will appear with a Sun Icon for AM, a Moon Icon for PM or a Question Mark Icon for Anytime.

2.  Select the Add call option you wish to use.


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