How do I connect the Shuttle Credit Card Swipe with my device?


How do we connect the Shuttle Credit Card Swipe? 


You can follow this procedure in order to make sure they are properly setting them up.

  1. With swipe NOT attached, choose Payment Type as "Credit Card". 
  2. Make sure volume level is all the way up on the iPad.
  3. Place the swipe in the headphone jack, and a message should display stating to raise the HEADPHONE volume all the way up as well.
  4. Tap OK, and raise the HEADPHONE volume all the way up, and then remove the swipe, and then reattach the swipe.
  5. In a few seconds(sometimes can take around 10 seconds), the "Swipe" button should turn from grey to black, and you are now ready to press the "Swipe" button.
  6. Press the "Swipe" button, and there should be a message saying "Waiting for swipe..." At this point your tech can swipe the credit card. Once it reads it, the fields should be filled in.

The most important thing to remember, is that the HEADPHONE volume must be raised to its maximum level on the iPad.

Troubleshooting -

  • If you are running into issues, you can always Quit SWRemote and try relaunching the app to re-initialize the swipe.
  • If the swipe still won't connect, we recommend installing the IDTech Unimag test application available in the Apple App store/Play store.  This will be able to verify that the swipe can connect with the device itself.



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