What can a secondary tech do on the job in SWRemote?

A secondary technician has little permissions in SWRemote.  

A technician who is not marked as the primary tech can edit equipment or any other information inside the Customer Information tab. The Secondary Technician can also take and view photos, review saved documents, and fill out Custom Forms.

They cannot, however, add/edit Job Notes because they are attached to both the Job Summary, and the Invoice.


The following are the steps techs will run through on a call:

On the My Jobs screen, upon tapping the job, they will get a pop-up:

This is just a warning letting them know that they are setup as a secondary tech. They can tap OK to continue.

The next step is Dispatch:IMG_0012.PNG

After Dispatching themselves, they can then use the Navigation from the En Route screen:



*Note: The Arrive screen does not mark the technician Onsite. The timecard status does not change from Dispatched to Onsite until the technician progresses to the Complete screen.


At this point, the last step they can do is to Complete the Assignment:


If you need assistance with changing the Primary Tech in SuccessWare21, please view this article here.  


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