Scanning in items using bar codes for Parts Used section

  • Once you have added a task onto your invoice, you can now associate parts to it.
  • You can get to the Parts Used screen by clicking on the Parts button located on Step 6 - the Pay screen and  Step 8 - the Debrief screen
  • Tap the Parts button
  • Tap on the Task to which you would like to add parts to
  • Tap the Scan button
  • Scan a bar code for a part used
  • Now, tap the Add button, and you will now see the part you scanned in the 'Search Result'.
  • Now tap the scanned item to add 1 of them, and twice to add 2, etc.  NOTE- the screen will not change while tapping the part, but it is actually adding the part.
  • After you have tapped the amount you wish to use of that specific part, tap Cancel.
  • Now tap Done
  • Now you can verify the amount of items added by re-tapping the Task you selected originally.
  • You can remove any of the items by simply tapping on one of them, and choosing Delete.


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