What does the 10-8 button do in the SWRemote application?

The 10-8 button sends an attention notifier to the call board in SuccessWare21. This can be found as an exclamation point (!) on the actual assignment. Dispatch can also click on the exclamation point on the top, right-hand side of the Call Center screen, and it will display all assignments that "Need Attention".  

This is mainly used as a way for the technicians to let dispatch know that they are almost done with their current call, signaling dispatch to call and confirm the technicians next call.


The 10-8 button is located in the top of screen (on both phones and tablets:

Upon submitting the 10-8 message in SWRemote, Dispatch will be notified within SuccessWare21. There are 2 areas where the Alert will appear:

  1. you will see it on the actual Technician's call.
  2. You will see it listed in the Alert Center.

If you click on the Alert Center button, it will open a menu called "Needs Attention" and show you a list of all assignments as seen below:

 If you would like to remove the call notification, you can do so by following these directions:

1, Click on the call with the 10-8 punch on the Dispatch board.

 2. Locate the call with it's notification on the right hand side, toward the bottom.

3. Right click on the call and select Attention.

4. Uncheck the Needs Attention check box and hit OK.


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