How do I remove the SWRemote application from iCloud on an iPhone/iPad?

Delete the SWRemote application from iCloud and then download the latest version of SWRemote.  Here's how:


iOS 10 & 11

 To access iCloud settings in iOS10/11, you can now open the Settings menu and select your name at the very top. Tap on iCloud:

From here, tap "Manage Storage" and then "Backup"

From here, tap on your device name (it will say 'this device' under it) and then look for SWRemote. Press the green toggle button on the right side to turn this off. 

Once off, the toggle switch will turn grey:


iOS 9

Go to the Device Settings, then iCloud, then Storage.

From here, tap Manage Storage. Choose your Device ( This iPad / This iPhone ).

 Look for SWRemote in the list under Backup Options.  If you do not SWRemote, please  press Show All Apps.

Toggle the the SWRemote app to the off position, so that the toggle switch turns grey. The device will ask if you want to Turn Off & Delete the SWRemote application, please select Delete.  (This will not do anything negative to your device or SWRemote.)

You are now able to go back into the App Store and download the latest version of the SWRemote app.

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