Want to chat with the Support team about an issue?

You can chat with us in the SWRemote mobile app, as well as our Admin Site.


SWRemote App

To access Zendesk, you can either open the icon on the Login screen:


Or if you're already logged into SWRemote, look on the lefthand side for the Support button:


Either way you open Zendesk, you will be able to see your current chat, if you are in one. To start a new conversation, start typing in the text field, and hit send. One of our Customer Success agents will be right with you:


There are two options for leaving this screen: 

  1. You can select the '-' button on the top right, which will minimize the chat, allowing you to continue using SWRemote and return to your chat later.
  2. Or select the options button (the three horizontal lines) on the left. This will prompt a confirmation screen, from which you can end the chat or edit your contact information.IMG_0024_PNG.png


SWRemote Admin site

When logged into the admin site, you can press the "Live Chat" button to initiate a chat session


Next you will simply need to type your question into the "Type a message here" box and click the send button.


If you're on the job and chatting with us, but don't have the chat window open, a red exclamation point will appear on the Menu button and the Support tab. Simply click on the Support tab and you will be brought back to your chat:


Someone from the Support team will respond to you as quickly as they can.



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