How do I add a job from SWRemote?

A technician can add a job from their device if they are in the user group Remote Tech Manager, or Remote Tech On Call within SuccessWare21.  

*To Change User Groups, please follow these instructions: Changing User Groups.

To add a job from SWRemote, follow these instructions:

1. Click on Customer Search Button

2. The tech can search by company name, phone number, last name, or address:

3. When the search is complete, the tech will be able to select the appropriate customer from the list. Tap on the customer you'd like.

4.  Click the ‘Add Job’ button.  On a Phone, the Add Job will have a Page/Paper Sheet as it's Icon and it is the button to the far right.  

The technician can now enter all the necessary information needed for the job.  When the appropriate fields have been entered, the tech can select the + button to add the job to their own schedule or another technician.

You are also able to add Job Instructions to these jobs.

if the Technician needs to immediately dispatch to this job, they will want to leave the date and time as is.  


To create a new Customer from the field follow THIS LINK.



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