SWRemote Version 3.5.8 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements: 

  • In order to continue to improve the Customer Experience, SWRemote has integrated the Intercom platform into both the SWRemote App and the SWRemote Administrative Website. This will allow quicker chat and email interaction with our customers and allows us to respond with clearer information to help when needed. You can find more information about chatting with our team in this Knowledge Base Article
  • SWRemote will now allow you to choose your default Navigation App (from a list of Supported Apps including Google Maps, Waze, CityMapper, Apple Maps, TomTom, and more apps) which will open when you select the Navigation button in SWRemote. You will be able to choose from any Navigation App that is installed on your device. You can find more information here on configuring SWRemote and choosing a new Navigation App.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Updated the messaging when sending a receipt to the BCC Address but not to the customer. Previously, it would still display the message "Sending Customer receipt..." where as now it will correctly display that it is sending a copy to the BCC address. 
  • When adding a Line Item with multiple quantities to the Declined Work, we will now correctly specify the quantity and clearly point out the price is per unit. Previously this was not clear. 

Additional Comments: 

Please click HERE if you need assistance with updating SWRemote. If you have trouble updating please call our support line at 1-800-566-6940  

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