How do I search schedules from my device?

You must have the required permissions (managed in SuccessWare21) in order to be able to do this.  If you do not have this option available to you, you must have an Administrator in SuccessWare21 follow the directions outlined here: 

How do I give my tech's permission to use the Schedule Search functionality? 

  1. Click the Schedule Search button
  2. Select the date and any additional criteria to narrow down your search
  3. Click the Search button
  4. All jobs that fit your criteria will be displayed on screen

After searching - you will see a list of all job from that date.  


You can click on the jobs for additional information.

Tips for searching:

  • You are not required to to pick a job class, job type, Department.
  • In fact you don't have to pick anything at all besides the date. The search will return the first 50 results.
  • Leaving the date range for today (or set for another day), and then picking a Tech is great for zeroing in on a specific Tech.


If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

Phone: 800-566-6940

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