Firewall Setup - What are the firewall changes that I will need to make?

The following information will need to be added to your firewall to allow communication with our SWRemote servers.

You will need your network administrator or internet service provider set this up. Specific knowledge of your network router, firewall, or Internet access will be required.

In order for our application to access the SuccessWare21 HTTP Server from the internet, you will need to enable port forwarding, through existing firewalls/routers to the server for the TCP port 2143 for both incoming and outgoing traffic for the following IP Addresses:


Please also note that you will also need to configure any software firewalls (such as Windows Firewall) and disable any applications on the server that could interrupt web traffic.

You will only need this information if you host your own instance of SuccessWare21.  If you are on the ASP, you will not need this information.

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