SWRemote - Version 3.3.5 Release Notes

SWRemote App: 

  • Custom Forms with Save to Dropbox enabled will now save to Dropbox upon hitting the Save button rather than when the Invoice receipt was emailed
  • Added a Sync Dropbox button that allows a technician to receive immediate updates from your company's integrated Dropbox account *Note* Frequent use of this option will increase your data usage
  • Added a detailed progress indicator for the Update and Reimport buttons
  • Dropbox Account name will now be displayed on the Company page when integrated with SWRemote.
  • Added Templates to the Invoice Email Settings, which control headers and footers on your emails.  The logo is in header, and company information is in footer. 
  • Created the ability to mail a test invoice receipt from the Admin Site.

Bug Fixes:

SWRemote App:

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Custom Forms from being saved
  • Corrected an issue with clicking the "Send and Update Email" button effecting current customers who don’t have an email on file.
  • Removed the Error being thrown when a Technician saves a form for a job that has had the form template recently deleted on the Admin Site.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing SWRemote from downloading documents from Dropbox that had special characters in the name, such as a "-"
  • Corrected an issue where an applied negative balance would not display on an Invoice, even though it was properly changing the total amount and Payment Amount. This was only a graphical error and it has now been fixed.
  • Added a Validation error to properly indicate that Agreement Type is required when adding an Agreement Deposit to the invoice.
  • Corrected a display issue with the “Parts End Date” in the Equipment section for the Customers in SWRemote.
  • Visits are now sorted by Date under the +Visit section of SWRemote.
  • When using the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Camera will no longer crash.


  • Corrected reporting Errors when pushing the “Update” and “Re-Import” Button on the Admin site.
  • Fixed various issues on the admin site related to: display, text fields, language and loading.
  • Sorting Custom Forms on the SWRemote Admin Site will now properly match what is seen inside the SWRemote App.
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