Is SWRemote down or experiencing any technical difficulties?

You can now check the status of SWRemote and its various services in real time by going to our new Status Page. Any issues that could be affecting our SWRemote customers will be reported here and any new information that becomes available will be posted here as well. We will also be sure to keep you updated through our Social Media Platforms. Please follow us on Twitter @PointmanHQ and on Facebook under PointmanHQ.

We've heard from our customers that they were looking for better ways of knowing what kind of issues were or were not occurring with SWRemote. We believe that by maintaining this status website, we can give you real time updates on the issues that we are experiencing in SWRemote so that you can minimize the impact this has on your technicians and your customers in the field. Our Social Media platforms will be kept up to date as well, with the goal in mind of giving you live updates of our status.


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