Cannot complete an assignment that is not onsite

Most common reasons this occurs:

1) The job was removed from the Technician's schedule.

2) Someone removed the Onsite punch from SuccessWare21.

This situation often occurs when the system attempts to "stop working" on an assignment that is not onsite.  This does not necessarily mean the job will be closed, as assignments and jobs are different things - an assignment can be closed when a punch for "Lunch" is submitted (since the technician is temporarily stopping work on the job), but the job will remain available to them when they are done with lunch.

Due to the way SuccessWare21 works, it will not allow a punch going directly from dispatched to anything other than onsite.  This error will be thrown if, for example, you attempt to go to lunch directly after dispatching.

How can I fix this?

  • The majority of the time restarting SWRemote and then attempting to walk back through the job will let you complete it and move onto the next job.
  • If that doesn't work, try this:  go into settings, and select Force Logout.
  • Finally, if you are still running into issues, please contact your office, as it may require more in-depth assistance in SuccessWare21 from your dispatch or operations staff.  The job may need to be completed from the Office and then the Tech will need to go into the Settings and press Reload Assignments.
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