Error Message: Cannot Load Company Data

There are a few reasons why this occurs, but mainly because of low cellular signal/being completely offline. You will not be able to log in to SWRemote until this is resolved.



Cellular Issues

If you are in the field, you can try turning Airplane mode on and then off, which in many cases can restore your Cellular connection.  

Instructions for toggling Airplane Mode:

App Update Issues

Also, if you are on an older version of SWRemote, you will need to update SWRemote through the App Store/Play Store in order to connect to us again.  Click HERE to find out how to update SWRemote.

Server Issues

If this problem still persists, and your Office runs SuccessWare21 on a Server in house, then you will need to have someone in the Office check the server connection.  The Support Team can also test the connection to a Server.  

If you work in the Office and have access to our Admin site, click HERE for instructions on how test a connection to your Server.  




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