Viewing and Reporting on Time Entries

All right, now let’s get into some of the stuff we REALLY love here at Pointman — data and reporting.

Administrators can see how many paid, unpaid and total hours were logged in a given time period. You can see the hours logged by an individual employee or your whole team.

  • Click Reports in the Options menu on the left-hand side, then click on Time Clock Report under Operations Dashboards.
  • Use the drop-down at the top-left to select which employees to view, or all employees. 
  • Then select the time period you wish to examine. You can grab one of the common selections we have set up in the next drop-down — like Today, Month to Date, Year to Date, etc. — or customize the range using the Starting Date and Ending Date drop-downs.
  • Click the Run Report button at the bottom right of the screen.

You’ll now see a report that shows the paid hours, unpaid hours, and total hours for each specific day within that time period, as well as totals at the bottom. 

  • To download the report and use it for payroll or other record-keeping, click the Download button next to Run Report. A CSV file will be instantly generated and stored according to your browser preference settings. 



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