How to schedule a new job

Tap on the white Plus button along the top bar of Pointman.

Select the first option in the dropdown, for "New Job"

Search by Contact (Customer) or Property, and then type a name or address into the search bar.


If you search by customer and they have multiple properties, you will need to select from the listed properties:


Then enter the Job Details type, Lead Source, and Job Notes, after which you can Save the job and Close the window for future editing, or Save and Add Visit:

If you select Save and Add Visit, the Add Job screen will pop-up, allowing you to select a date, time, and technician simply by clicking and dragging the cursor on the board, on the selected technician column, for the expected duration of the visit, and clicking again:


This will pop-up the Schedule Visit screen. Made a mistake on the Add Job dispatch screen? Not to worry, all that information can be edited here, as well as options for marking the Visit as a Callback and automatic client communications: 


 After selecting Add, this visit is effectively scheduled, and you will be brought back to the Add Job dispatch screen.

From here, you can close this window, bringing you back to the main Dispatch screen, or selecting  Go to Job, which will bring you to the Job screen, where you can edit details, view history, add proposals, and more!


In the case that you needed to select Save and Close on the first Add Job screen, such as if you are not sure who's going to be working that visit, or when that visit will actually happen (customer isn't sure when they'll be available), this will only create the job and not a visit, and you will be brought to the main Dispatch screen. 

The job would now be in your "unscheduled" section of the job board.  If you can not see the unscheduled jobs, please click HERE for instructions on that. 

First, single (Left) click the dropdown next to the job you just setup.  Second select the "Select New Visit".

You will now see your job scheduled on the job board:

To edit the start time of this visit, the length of time this job lasts for, or to add additional employees, please click HERE. 

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 


Phone: 800-566-6940

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