Adding or Removing Time Entries

If one of your techs completely forgets to clock in or out, or mistakenly clocks in or out, that’s no problem — you can add or remove a time entry for them. Techs cannot do this themselves from the field, so they’ll need your help.

  • Get to the Time Cards screen by clicking on the Time Cards tab on the left-hand side of the app.
  • Next, select the appropriate tech and date.

If the tech failed to clock in or out:

  • Click the Add icon — the blue plus sign all the way to the right — and the Time Clock Entry window appears.
  • Add the time and the status of the entry, click Add, and you’re all set.

If the tech clocked in or out by mistake:

  • Find the entry you need to remove on the Time Cards screen.
  • Click the Archive icon — the mini file cabinet icon in the middle of the Actions column, toward the right of the entry line —  and you’ll see the Time Card Entry window pop up.
  • Enter a reason for archiving the entry. 
  • For this example, let’s say, “Completed job at wrong time.”
  • Click Archive to proceed, and you’ll return to the Time Cards screen.

Note that you can choose whether to show or hide archived entries on the Manage Time Cards screen. Just check or uncheck the Show Archived Entries box, in the top-left just below the Add icon, and you can toggle them on or off.

You’ll see the entry we just archived is grayed out, and it now shows the archived icon in the status column. 

  • To restore an archived item, click the Restore button in the Actions column — it’s exactly where the Archive button was earlier. 
  • In the Restore Time Clock Entry window, enter a reason for the restoration, click Restore, and it now appears active back in the Time Cards entries for that day.


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