Linking properties to contacts and what it means/does

Linking properties is a function of Pointman that allows you to attach properties and customers. This means that customers are able to have multiple properties associated with their accounts, but that if at anytime you need to unlink a property or customer, you don't risk losing records of either. 

An example of how this works in action: say a customer has a property linked to their account in Pointman, but they move. You don't want to lose the property, because maybe the next residents will want to employ your services. Additionally, you can link the new property that your customer moved to.

Let's see how this works in Pointman - first linking Contacts from Properties:

First we'll start by selecting a property or creating a new one. For more info on how to do that, click here. From the Property screen you will select the Contacts tab: 


Select the blue add button next to the Filter field. You then have the option to either create a new contact or use an existing contact. Saving a new contact or selecting an existing one will automatically link that contact to the property.


The process works essentially the same way when linking Properties from contacts. Simply go to the contacts list, either create or select a contact, then select the Properties tab: 


You'll notice that the property we linked before appears in properties list. Please note that this contact would also appear under the contacts tab for the property as well. 

In order to add link a contact from this screen, follow the similar process of linking a property detailed above. 

Now, say the customer moves to a different property and you need to unlink the existing property. To do this, simply click the Unlink button indicated below:


You will see a confirmation screen. After that is accepted, the customer and property are effectively unlinked:


It is important to note that both the customer and property records are retained in the Customer and Property screens, respectively. These records can be relinked at any time.


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