What types of discounts can I apply to my invoices?

Discounts are important for any business. Be it a club member, seasonal special, or any other reason you may have, discounts can be a great way for your company to please your customers.

In the following, we will go over how discounts work in Pointman. 

To add or edit your discounts, you will want to navigate to the Discounts tab from the appropriate job window:


Here you will see a list of already applied discounts, and you have two options. You can add a new discount, using the blue '+' button at the top-left side of the screen, or you can edit an existing discount by simply clicking on it.

In any case, you will be brought to the Discount screen for either the new or existing entry. On this screen, you will notice there is one type of discount that can be applied, which is a flat dollar amount. Enter the relevant information and click the Save button, if it is an existing discount, or the Add button, if it is new.

(If you would like to remove an existing discount, click the Archive button)


The discount will then show on the invoice, where the proposal total is calculated:


Applying discounts from the field

While you can apply discounts in the office using the process shown above, it is also possible to apply discounts from the field. 

On the main Job screen, you will find the discounts icon:


After selecting that, you will be on the Discounts screen. It works very similarly to the desktop version of Pointman, in that you can click on an existing discount, if there is one there, to edit it, or click the blue '+' button indicated below, to add one:


Again, like the the desktop version, you will enter the appropriate information and click Add, if it is a new discount, or Save if it is an existing one (Archive again will remove an existing discount): 


The discount will then show on the invoice, where the proposal total is calculated:



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