QBO ‘How to merge duplicate customers'

Accidentally added a customer twice? Duplicates can be merged in Quickbooks online, but not in Pointman. However, once it is merged, the customer can be archived and removed from the Active list. This article will go over how to resolve this issue on both programs. 

First, we'll look at merging customers in Quickbooks Online. Pull up the Customer Information window for the duplicate account:


The important thing to note here, is that the duplicate customer’s “Display Name” must be the same as the original customer’s Display Name. Once that has been done, click Save, the customers have effectively been merged.

The Display name corresponds to the QBO identifier in Pointman. To remove the customer here, pull up their account from the Contacts tab, and select Archive:


The customer will now appear in the Archived list of contacts:


From here, you can access the archived customers job and payment history, list of properties, etc. You can reactivate the customer by clicking the Activate button, which replaces the Archive button at the bottom left of the contact. 


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