How can I upload a previously taken Photo to an account while using Customer Search?

*Note* You will need to have the proper permissions for Customer Search in order to be able to do this. If you need help adding this permission, please click HERE


When you have a selected a Customer Location while using the Customer Search, you will be brought to the Customer Location Screen first.

First, you will want to click the Documents button on the top right



Next, you click on the Upload button, in the top right



After clicking upload you will want to click "Photo Library" to see your list of previously saved Photos. If you wish to take a new photo and upload that, you can click "Take Photo"



Once you select Photo Library, click Recent. You can also click All Photos here if you're looking to add older photos



After clicking Recents, a list of your recent photos will show up. You can select each photo that you want to Upload. Once you have selected it you will see a blue checkmark on it. *Note* If you are on Android you will need to press and hold on the photos to select multiple photos



Once you have selected each photo you want to upload, click the Done button.

When you click the Done button, you will be brought to our normal Photo upload screen, where you can select any Photo Tags you have setup, and click Save. If you selected multiple photos to upload (such as 2 for example), you will see a "(1/2)" and after clicking Save, you will be brought to the next photo to Add tags to as well



Click HERE to find out where pictures taken in SWRemote get saved to.

Click HERE to find out how to Add or Remove Photo Tags in the Admin site.

For instructions on how to view Documents in SWRemote, click HERE.

Please note, you will not be able to take or view Photos unless Dropbox has been integrated to SWRemote. Please follow the instructions HERE to integrate Dropbox.

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