SWRemote Version 4.3.19 Release Notes


  • General improvements to app connectivity
  • Included an updated SDK file from IDTech to improve app functionality when device is connected to miscellaneous bluetooth devices (ex. speakers, printers, etc.)
  • Improved the storage of the device registration to help prevent any issues where Apple clears the local storage after several days of inactivity
  • A number of Usability and Quality of Life changes for the SWRemote Admin Website, including the better capabilities for searching for both Active and Inactive devices, and easier management of Item Category restrictions

Bug Fixes

  • When completing a job, the Complete button is now disabled, to prevent multiple job punches sending through to SuccessWare21 and multiple emails being sent. The Complete button will be reactivated if the Complete process is cancelled for any reason.
  • Fixed an issue where photos were not appearing in a customer’s file when working two or more jobs in a row for that same customer
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to input no value for a timecard punch or call Estimated Duration which resulted in a error
  • Added a warning when adding both a Deposit and a Balance to an invoice to help prevent under or overpayment
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